Our track record is testament to our commitment and expertise

We currently manage a portfolio of real estate assets with a market value of close to 400 million euros.

Our team has more than 20 years of experience in real estate project management and its managers have been involved in transactions with an added value of 2 billion euros.


Years of track-record

+ 25

Projects under management

+ 400M

Volume of assets

+ 500

Homes under construction

We assist our clients in the management of their assets, according to their risk profile, we look for opportunities that fit their investment philosophy and we take care of managing them to maximize their profitability.

Our mission is to generate attractive returns for our investors with a moderate risk profile, through value-added investment strategies in real estate assets.

We develop each project with a special concern for the preservation of assets, through a constant evaluation of the risk/return, within the strict standards of control and risk management.


Our work is focused on the management of our client’s real estate assets according to their investment objectives, time horizon and risk profile.

We design investment proposals based on different types of real estate assets to develop a balanced investment strategy customized to our clients’needs and accompany them through the complete investment cycle, from opportunity identification to execution, financing and investment management.

We analyze more than 400 transactions per year looking for attractive transactions that meet our risk/return standards. This is possible due to our management team, which has a remarkable track-record of performance in all investments made.

Residential assets

Commercial assets

Hotel assets

Change of use

Kanda Capital currently manages more than 25 projects

In Club Deal, Co-Investment Vehicles or Single Investor format, in residential, hotel and commercial assets.

Club Deal

Co-Investment of assets with the participation of several investors.

Allows clients to build their portfolio by selecting each asset according to their investment strategy. It allows clients to build their portfolio by selecting each asset, according to their investment strategy.

Co-investment Vehicles

Participation through vehicles with a defined investment strategy.

Greater asset diversification.

Single Investor

Designed towards the particular need of each Family office.

Complete control over the strategy of each project, tailored to their investment philosophy.

Featured Projects

Conoce a nuestro equipo

Managing Partner
Pablo Rodríguez San Pedro Baselga
Managing Partner
Joaquín Vázquez Villanueva
Partner / Legal Counsel
José Ignacio Rostro Alarcón
Partner / Head of Investor Relations
Pedro Vizcaíno Feijóo
Partner / Business Development Manager
Felipe García Mora
Investment Manager
Jesús Terol Serrano
Project Manager
Borja Jiménez Guerrero
Project Manager
Alejandro Rosales Perales
Asset Manager
Susana Delgado Flores

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